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     Project Morning Star’s residential recovery facility is located on a serene and picturesque farmstead eight miles south of Worthington Minnesota. Manicured lawns and groves of elm, oak and pines, surrounded by a sea of corn and soybean fields provide a peaceful setting, perfect for self-reflection and spiritual growth. The two homes on the property provide a safe, structured environment for both men and women who are committed to their recovery, and ready to rebuild their lives for the future.


​     Participants of our program have the security of private rooms, enjoy the fellowship of communal meals, and find support and encouragement in the presence of others who share similar issues and goals.  Residents are expected pay monthly rent and follow all house rules, as well as adhere to the prescribed terms and conditions of their individual recovery plans.  All residents are required to find employment within 30 days of entry into the program, or they may have the option of working at our facility until they can find employment. Residents are also required to participate in the Celebrate Recovery 12-step program, sponsored by Lakeside Church of Worthington.

     There is a zero tolerance policy for drug and alcohol use while in the program.  Participants are required to attend all house meetings, obey curfews, and submit to periodic inspections and random screening for prohibited substances. Personal responsibility, accountability, and integrity are mandatory requirements for continued residency in the Project Morning Star Residential Recovery program. Participants are also required to share in household duties such as cleaning, grounds maintenance and preparation of community meals, as well as attending weekly services at the church of their choice.

     While in residence, participants will have access to group counseling, life-skills and job skills courses, personal improvement workshops, enrichment activities, community service activities and ministry opportunities. To ensure a successful transition from our program, all residents will receive continued contact and support after re-entry into the community.
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